A letter from LCPCC: Expanded uses proposed for eased open space and historic districts

Coalition Members:  I have arranged with staff to meet at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, April 19, 2016, in the Lovettsville Room at the County Office Building. The purpose is to discuss and ask questions regarding ZOAM 2015-0006 Rural Uses.

The ZOAM is on the agenda for the April 26, 2016, Public Hearing of the Planning Commission.

I hope you can come to the meeting with anyone else who wants to clarify the implications of the pending ZOAM.

The ZOAM is complicated as it impacts many rural zoning districts.  The topics that are of concern to me are:

1. The addition of over 30 new permitted uses into the open space easement lots in and around rural villages and hamlets to include major uses such as Breweries and Winery with their “tasting rooms.”
2. The new introduction of “Recreation Establishment Indoor”  which includes a wide range of major uses not allowed before.
3. The introduction of new uses into Rural Commercial Zones which are mostly in the historic villages of the County.
4. The rationale for reducing setbacks from roads substantially.
5. The rationale for significantly enlarging the allowable lot coverage.
6.The technical reasoning for deciding on which uses should be permitted by right, minor special exception, or full special exception.  Major changes are proposed.
7. The implications of waiving various regulations for certain uses in historic districts and properties.

If you can attend please email Al Van Huyck at avanhuyck@aol.com or al.vanhuyck@gmail.com

Also please consider speaking at the public hearing on April 26, 2016.

Al Van Huyck


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